Nude Suede Bodice

This is how I push myself out of comfort zone, I try to every day. Sometimes it’s something I would not dare wearing, and this bodice used to be just it. Once I put it on and got a dozen of compliments- my confidence went right up. It’s not that I am not beautiful or not slim however, damn it, today of what we should be and look like- is a little unrealistic. As Tony Robbins put it together ‘For some men, you have to use heroin- for them to like your body.’

Ok, went a little off topic. What I wanted to say- do not be afraid of the ‘tight tight little thing’, I love it.

I mostly like to wear it skinny jeans and flats, or like you see in the pictures double suede, this skirt from Zara was a great match!

The bodice you will find here

Ciao girls,



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